Purpose of Education

Raffles House educational system takes into cognizance the fact that no two individuals are the same. We recognize that every child has unlimited potential. Our goal is to develop the whole child. This means surrounding our child with measurable quantitative knowledge of languages, mathematics, science, and social skills. It also encompasses building a firm foundation in the child’s character values and instill a passion for life-long learning.

Early Childhood Education

In Raffles House, our early childhood education approach embodies the entire system, i.e. premises, curriculum, teachers, materials, parent communications and support. Each part plays a significant role in the child’s development individually and in totality.


We partner with established and proven enrichment providers to offer a broad array of programmes in the areas of drama, music, sports and science. Some of these programmes are incorporated into our core curriculum while some are elective subjects that children can take up based on their interests.


Our schools are designed to be child safe, clean, bright and cheery. Each facility is complete with outdoor play facilities and offers a secure and engaging place for children to learn, play and discover.


Raffles House Preschools are childcare licensed centres. Our centres comply with the high and stringent standards set up by the government regulatory body.


Bus transportation is available for school children within a certain distance from each centre. Each school bus takes in maximum 10-12 children and comes with a bus attendant and children seat belts.


School, teacher and parent communication is an important part of the education and care support system in each centre. The school provides a comprehensive network of feedback, updates and proactive communication between all parties.